July 2020 Magazine Issue

July 2020 Issue | Rwanda

Exploring Rwanda through literature this month

Editor’s Note

Hello Bibliophiles!

What a year this has been so far! Such turmoil, such trials, such tragedy. But then we hear of stories of goodness and hope and love and that brings sanity back into our lives.

Starting this month, we are resuming our monthly magazine issues. We asked our friends and readers online to vote for themes and with 63% votes, RWANDA emerged as the most popular choice.

So here we are, looking at Rwanda through the lens of literature this month. There is so much of interest to read about this country, most of which centres around the genocide of 1994. In these horrific tales, we find the cost of suffering, of the roles played by those in power and the moral responsibility of the international community. We also find tales of forgiveness and redemption and rebuilding.

While we get to know Rwanda a little better through books, we will also run special features on literary things connected with July.

So keep watching this space where we will index all the bookish things we do this month. Easier still, subscribe to our site using the form below, and receive instant notifications of new posts, in your inbox.

– Sanskriti Nagar, Editor at Of B&B

In This Issue

By Sanskriti Nagar

I'm a storyteller on a journey - to connect people with places, the past with the present, the contemporary with the traditional. I'm just stepping into the shoes of an explorer, aspiring to be a globetrotter, and someday, a novelist. Follow me through my journeys, and if something does resonate with you, or you'd like me to cover a story for you, I'd love to catch up. (PS: I love coffee!)

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