About Us

Of Books & Bookworms, or Of B&B as we like to call it, is an effort to bring literature and literary criticism into mainstream dialogue and have intellectual discussions and debates.

We believe we are both, strong in our individuality, and bonded to a society because of stories. The fables of old that are now legends, myths that come into the mainstream as movies, bonds shaped by the human need to connect, is born out of expression. And literature is a part of that.

How often have the voracious readers lamented, “If only I could read all day, every day, for the rest of my life.” How often have compulsive writers sighed, “If only words were all one needed in order to make a living.” Our founder thought so too. And that is how Of B&B came into being.

Think of the very first book you ever held. Maybe you don’t remember it. Maybe you do, but only vaguely. Perhaps it was just a toddler’s book, filled with bright yellow, red and green pictures of animals and flowers. Perhaps it was a more “wordy” book, the kinds of Alice in Wonderland or one of the Hardy Boys mysteries. Perhaps you were never much of a reader and just happened to pick up one of your wife’s books randomly last evening.

If a book is your source of meditation, then this is the place to be (once you’ve had your fill of the book of course!). We aim to read serious literature and expose ourselves to challenging works; of course we do thumb through lighter books too. We don’t just review books. We also examine the themes contained within them. We talk to reading enthusiasts with as much eagerness as we do with novices. Our philosophy is that reading doesn’t have to be an arduous task; it can be a great source of inspiration and comfort along with entertainment. And our mission is to make reading, whether solitary or social, more intellectual.

Whatever your need or greed, if books hold any fascination for you, then Of B&B will feel like home. Or at least a home after the bookstore, and the library, and your favorite reading couch.